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Urgh… Colds, the sniffles, feeling ill, a vile bug, it has so many descriptions, doesn’t it? And not one of them is nice at all, and on top of that, it doesn’t help when you think you’ll be the next one in line to get sick (even thinking about it gets shivers running down my spine…).

Now there may not be guarantees that you will not get sick, but never fear: Nicky Priest is here with one of his oh so famous lists once again!

This list I have cooked up this time consists of a few ways of how you can lower the chances of you getting ill:

  • Eat right to kick illness’s backside! Yes, eating the right things can help keep you immune system balanced just right (such things as lean meats, fish and beans, these help to build up white blood cells to help defend you body, and things such as fruit and vegetables that are bright in colour as these give your body immune-boosting antioxidants, amongst other healthy foods).
  • Exercise and keep moving. Excising can help a lot with stimulating the immune cells that fight back against infections to your body. Just don’t do it too much as doing it too much can have the opposite effect so keep the exercising light.
  • Get good hours of sleep, at least 7 hours that is, as sleeping for less than that amount of time can actually make you more likely to get ill, having 8 hours or more, and you’re less likely to have this happen.
  • A classic one here; WASH YOUR HANDS! Wash them for about 20 seconds at least at certain times (like meals times just before you eat, or even just before you go to bed), and you’ll be doing something else that’ll help with staying away from germs.

So a few suggestions there, feel free to make of them what you will.

I’m just tempted to clean myself, run about for a bit, eat healthy and get a good night’s sleep! Blimey, a fair amount of things to do to stay healthy…

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