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Oh boy, Stress, well, where do you start indeed…?  Well, anywhere, because anything can bring it on…

Now, now, no need to panic about whether stress counts as being an illness or not, because it is NOT, and I will repeat that… THAT… Stress is not an illness, now take a massive breath of relieve. However, it can cause illness if you do not find ways to cope with it.

I know, I know, you can do very little to prevent stress but you can do so much to manage it, one of the most common methods of coping with stress of course is learning how to relax, whether it is treating yourself to a nice cup of tea, listening to your favourite music to take your mind off of things, or even a nice hot soak in the bath, do it, you’ll feel so much better!

Other ways to cope with stress include regular exercise, I know, exercising in order to relax, doesn’t sound logical does it, but it does, IF you do the right type of exercising that is, one good form of exercise is power-walking in the outdoors, take it from me, it is the one type of exercise that is not too hard-working as you can take your time with it, it can help clear you mind, and gets some fresh air in your lungs.

Those are just a few suggestions guys, if you have or know of other ways to cope with stress, by all means, use them, because we want to be as stress free as possible right? Hey, we don’t want to pull our hair out or anything like that, because the hair will be all over the house and that will add stress, you hair will look daft without a proper haircut to solve the problem and that results with money going out of your pocket thus adding even more stress, and you have to clean up the hair you pulled out around the house, and that adds on even more… well, you get the idea…


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