Mental Health and Pets

dogPets, they can be a great companion, can’t they?

Nothing beats coming home after a busy day, and having your pet make a fuss of you, and of course, vice versa, whether it be petting the dog or cuddling with the cat, spending time with pets are a great way to spend your time (and being able to have a living being to allow to rant and rave about anything that has gotten under your skin and won’t argue with you…)

But as it also turns out, pets can actually help to make you healthier mentally, as they offer comfort, company, and believe it or not, motivation.

Here are a few things that having a pet can do towards better mental health:

  • Having a pet will make you feel less lonely, as they provide good company and someone to share your time at home with.
  • The company of pets can be very great for those who suffer from depression, as having a pet can have calming effects on it’s owner, and caring for it can give you a sense of purpose at home as it makes you feel needed and appreciated.
  • Pets can help with your social life as well, such an example being walking a dog, as that could possibly to chats in the street with other dog owners/walkers, which ultimately leads to friendships being made.
  • People who go through later life and experience the type of stress that comes into everyday life (you know, typical stress that cannot be avoided…) can be comforted by the company of a pet. That can soften the impact stress can have on a person.

So that’s that in a nutshell really. So maybe having a pet for company wouldn’t be should a bad idea, hey? They can be a good way to relieve stress as mentioned earlier and… (Hey Bingo! STOP CHEWING THE SOFA!!!) … bring more happiness to you, thus bettering you mental health!

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