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Let’s face it; we all like to have a good laugh, don’t we? We all like to find the funny things in life. So we may as well admit it, humour is very infectious; laughter is a beautiful thing indeed…

So please ladies and gentlemen, try to find the funny things in life, because, and take it from me being a stand up comic, humour is the best medicine in the world to combat stress, conflict, bad moods, and pain. Best of all, humour is a medicine that is free! (FREE, FREE, FREEEE! Got you attention now haven’t I? Just as well as there are some of you reading this that have nothing but moths flying out of your wallets/purses…)

If you laugh for whatever reason, it can prove to be beneficial to your health indeed; it does many good things for you such as

  • Putting you in a very good or better mood.
  • Leaves you body feeling relaxed for a while after you’ve finished laughing.
  • Relieves stress.
  • (Most importantly) Adds joy to life.

Those are just a few of the things humour can do for you health wise. There are many more things it can do for you.

So ladies and gentlemen, go and see a stand up comedy show, watch a sitcom, see a comedy play at the theatre, whatever it takes, get some humour in you lives! And please, go and have a good chuckle (even at this silly joke of two cows being in a field, when one goes, “MOOOO!” And the other cow says, “Hey! I was going to say that…”)

Nicky Priest Social Media Co-ordinator

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