How Potatoes can help reduce anxiety!

This is a picture of my first attempt at growing my own potatoes, and whilst I did not get an abundance of potatoes, I was extremely pleased with the crop that I have harvested. Pretty awesome for a first attempt, I am sure you would agree.

Ok, so you may think from the title of this post that I was going to provide you with a recipe, lotion or potion to help reduce anxiety but the truth is that by growing your own fruit and vegetables, can provide you with the mechanisms to restore your inner calm, along with having a healthy, totally organic product at the end.

Back in April, in the pursuit of finding tools and techniques to help maintain my positive mental health & body, I made the decision to experiment with growing my own vegetables. It cost me a total of £5 to get started, with a bag of compost from my local DIY store and a potato growing sac and seed potatoes from my local pound shop. It really was that simple.  What I was amazed to see, was by planting 3 potato seed, I would have a huge triffid in the garden. Over the weekend, I decided to see what, if any new potatoes I had grown and the bowl of potatoes was the result.

I have learnt so much already just by giving this a go and next year I will do the same but with more knowledge. Let me share with you what I would suggest if you fancy giving it a try yourself.

  1. Plant the seed potatoes in 20cm of soil to start.
  2. Hill the potato plants as they grow, this means you need to add more compost over the plant as it grows.
  3. Use a dust bin, to support the huge plant that grows and enables you to hill up to protect your new potatoes and keeps your garden tidy.
  4. Plant in April but harvest in late August or September, I found lots of small pea sized potatoes when I split open the bag and if I had waited just a couple of months, I would of had a sac full.
  5. Water well, as you hiller the potatoes, the potatoes that grow at the bottom of your bin will need a drink, so ensure you water well.
  6. Store in a dry place for a week before you use them for cooking. This enables them to dry out.

So, how did growing my own potatoes help my mental health? It is simple really, it gave me the opportunity to learn something new, provided me with focus from a racing mind and it helped me compose myself. I am also very keen on eating healthy, after all the say goes, ‘You are what you eat’ and that is so true. I enjoy eating healthy and we all know that organic is this best, this way I know exactly where my potatoes have come from, no fear of insecticides or pesticides corrupting my body.



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