Goodwill during Christmas

One thing about Christmas that hits home with this grumpy (yes I found something else about Christmas that I hold near and dear) is the fact that it is known as the time of goodwill.

What I’m getting at here guys is this; if you ever get the chance to do so, give back to society, this could be something as simple as giving money to charity or working in soup kitchen.

It could escalate to something bigger such as holding a fundraiser or helping people out in a homeless shelter.

Basically, Christmas is a time of goodwill to all mankind, and you will be rewarded for giving back to society, the reward you get back is the feeling of knowing you made difference to better the life or lives of someone or some people who happen to be less fortunate than yourself, and it builds up your won character. So it does just as much good for you as it does for the person or people you help out.

I know I’ll be doing my bit for Christmas this year, as I do, by warming people’s hearts up with my colourful and bright personality and… oh alright, where’s my apron and soup ladle?



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