Advocating for Mental Health

Let’s cut to the chase people, people with mental health issues are going to face struggles and challenges in life that (ahem…) ‘normal’ people wouldn’t even face, if normal exists anymore, I’ve said many times, I don’t think it does…

Anyway, there are those facing mental health issues that find the courage to go out there and use their experiences with their conditions to try and better the world, or it could be a relative or friend of someone with a mental health condition doing that on their behalf, this is called being an advocate.

Speaking from experience myself having Asperger’s Syndrome, being an advocate for your mental health condition (whether it be writing an online blog, being a public speaker, etc) is a very rewarding experience.

It gives that person a sense of purpose, and makes them feel like they’re making a purpose in life, because in all honesty, they are!

So if you feel need to do so, whether you are the person with a mental health condition, or a relative or friend of that type of person, go out there a be an advocate for a mental health condition!

Trust me, it‘s worth it, the public talks I’ve done in front of people are very rewarding indeed. Plus if I have got people thinking I’m the coolest cat in the room during my talk, well, what can I say… When you’ve got it, you’ve got it…

Nicky Priest Social Media Co-ordinator

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