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I’ve recently come to a conclusion about myself people.

The conclusion is that with all the stuff I’ve accomplished, and plan to accomplish in the future, I have become the type of person that will try to live life with absolutely no regrets.

Let me tell you, if you live life with no regrets, you live a more rich, and happier life.

Accomplishing things may not be easy (of course that depends on what you’re planning to accomplish), but the worst thing anyone can do is assume that as long as you think more positively, you get everything you want from life handed down to you on a sliver platter.

It doesn’t work like that (although I like the idea of being served things on a silver platter with my feet propped up on the sofa I’m sitting on with my butler Jeeves bringing it and… wait, I’m daydreaming again!), thinking positively does help, but when it comes to accomplishing thing, you need to put in hard work.

But trust me when I tell you, if you think positively before, and whilst, you indulge in the hard work that goes towards accomplishments you want to have under you belt, it makes getting that accomplishment feel even more gratifying. The hard work becomes a testament for how badly you want it.

What needs to be remembered here is this, you are going to get to the point where you won’t stop, where you will keep going, and where you will overcome the obstacles standing in you way.  

And if people tell you can’t, use proving that theory of theirs wrong as motivation to accomplish great things.

Never become one of those people who will look back not having gone through with trying, and wonder, “what if?”

So, what are you still reading this for? I mean I like people reading my nicely written blogs but the point…

Become the person who has the positive motto of:

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Accomplish
  • Repeat

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