Carers Week 2016


This annual campaign is one I particularly feel passionate about, my mom had terminal COPD (lung disease) as a result of smoking (we believe) and suffered for a number of years with reoccurring chest infections and numerous hospital admissions . She lived alone with a wonderful team of carers around…

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Moving Forward Blog

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When you look back on your past, you think certain things don’t you? Such things come to mind like, “ahh, the good old days”, “that moment was hilarious”, or “I should never have gotten drunk and starting singing “Signing in the Rain” when it actually was raining and got soaked”……

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Showing Love Blog

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Showing love is a human quality that I like to think still exists in all of us, and can be a very powerful and positive one too. Some people like to hear words, others like to see actions/gestures, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a close friend, a family member, a…

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Well being Blog

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Well-being. That is a very important element as far as living life as much as you can is concerned, believe it or not, it’s not too difficult to understand because when we talk about well-being, what e are really talking about is just essentially being more than just happy. By…

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Are You Engaging Your Employees?

Employee Engagement. What is it exactly? What benefits does it bring to the workplace? How do the parties involved benefit? Well allow me the task of explaining that to you! Employee Engagement is basically an approach in the workplace that is utilised to help employees become as committed as they…

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