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When you look back on your past, you think certain things don’t you? Such things come to mind like, “ahh, the good old days”, “that moment was hilarious”, or “I should never have gotten drunk and starting singing “Signing in the Rain” when it actually was raining and got soaked”… whoops, sorry, shared one of my memories there…

But you must try to not live in the past, for long periods of time at least, because whilst it may be heart-warming, safe, and comfortable to living in the past, the past does have to become just that: THE PAST, because it has to end at some point.

It is never a healthy thing to live in the past for too long, you must look, and ultimately, move forward, in order to be able to live your life to maximum potential.

Just take the time everyday to remind yourself to never look back and make second guesses, because you cannot turn back time, you can only move forward.

Not only is looking to the future the healthiest thing to do, it is also the most exciting, because you have the power and ability to mould your future to your liking with the decisions you make in the present.

Basically you future can be whatever you want it to be… (I see my future being bright as I become an hilarious stand up comedian, an BAFTA and Oscar winning actor, rich and famous, fans wanting my autograph and… WAIT! I need to make decisions now to make that happen…)

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