Mindfulness for Mental Health

Hi and welcome to our June blog post. Mindfulness – that’s for the fluffy types surely?

Are you the sort of person that gets overwhelmed with your over-thinking brain? Unsure how to channel your thoughts, feelings and ideas and get clarity in all that you do?

That was me, some days I thought my head would explode with the speed in which my brain would churn up ideas and thoughts. I was cynical & thought being mindful was a sign of weakness and unproductive. Yet since I’ve had a change of mindset and introduced being mindful in to my life I have become a happier, richer person – and I mean in the sense of finding value and positivity in all that I do. It does require you to be committed to taming your brain, yet the more you practice and focus the better you become at it.

I was first introduced to being mindful at an anxiety class and if I’m honest I felt silly and couldn’t see the benefits. My mindset was not open to trying new things.

However, now I embrace mindfulness as part of my everyday experiences.  If it can transform me, then I’m sure it will benefit you. So my challenge to you is, to try it and see what works for you.

Do you value all your relationships? Would I be right in assuming that you would say “Yes?”. I would ask you to consider how you put your loved ones and friends needs above your own rather then think about yourself.

I have used Headspace and Calm mindfulness phone apps to help me get focus and clarity. It takes 10 minutes out of my day and like all new things it has taken a fair bit of practice to make it a positive habit.

I cook more now and experiment with new recipes and flavours and take time to enjoy my meals. I’m currently compiling a list of the best meals with a view to launching a new cook book. Meals that are quick to cook, feed a family & are affordable. Take aways were always the easier option as a working mom. We would love to hear of your healthy meals, it could feature in our cook book.

I now prioritize taking time out to go on bike rides at least three times a week. It has improved my health and I take time to notice the beautiful environment around me rather than taking it for granted.

What exercise, hobby  or pass time could you take up? There are some fantastic initiatives to get you cycling,  look on our Facebook page for more information or speak to your local authority for initiative in your area. Advance challenges you to support the cycle to work day initiative being held on the 3rd of September 2015.

Be thankful for every moment and live life to the max.

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