Making Chores Fun

Having fun during your chores! I know, sounds like something that could never be possible right? WRONG!

You see, there are many ways that you could have fun doing simple household chores. I’m going to run down a short list of a few things that could make doing your household chores more than just mind-numbingly boring to-do-tasks that need to be done to keep your house in pristine condition! I just hope that, well, you don’t get bored reading this list, let alone as much as you would through doing chores without making them fun…

  • LISTENING TO MUSIC (Believe it or not, it may be so simple, but listening to your favorite tunes can put you in a really good mood whilst doing chores! Whether it’s putting on your CD player, listening to your tunes on you iPhone through your headphones, or listening to them on the radio, play and listen your heart out whilst dusting the blinds or polishing furniture!)
  • USE YOUR IMAGINATION WITH YOUR CHORES (Heck, if you’ve got kids, they would probably imagine the water in a washing machine as tidal waves in the water with the clothes being ships! Thinking daft things like that can make you feel more happier when doing choirs, or if you prefer to think more maturely, think of stuff coming up you have to look forward to like the weekend coming up!)
  • TAKE A SHORT BREAK (Don’t have  along one otherwise the chore never gets done then! Only take a short break if you feel tired)
  • TREAT YOURSELF TO A REWARD AFTER YOU’RE DONE (It serves as good motivation to get your chores done, and is something to look forward to after you’re done!)

Anyway, there are many more ways to make chores fun, but that’s just a short list we at Advance Events have drawn up for you. Now go and have fun with you chores! (I’ll reward myself after I’ve done mine with lounging on the sofa a bag of crisps…)


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