How Do You Have Fun?

Does your mindset dictate whether you have fun in all that you do? Is your mindset fixed or are you open to growth? When I reflect on my past, having fun in what I do has been key to improving my mental health. When you have an open growth mindset you notice that you can have fun in trying new things.

Yes, facing your fears is often challenging and can feel uncomfortable but by doing so, you learn that the only barriers to you having fun begins and ends with your mindset. In this months One View newsletter, we challenge you to push outside your comfort zones.

After 6 months of being in business, I recognised that I was hiding behind my brand. I decided to record my first video in July & face my fears. Take a look at our You Tube channel and follow my journey.

I was never one for cooking because I didn’t believe I was very good at it, I would often buy a take away or use convenience food. This resulted in me becoming overweight. I took the decision to change my mindset in January and take a long hard look at what I was putting in my body & how I enjoyed food & the results have been amazing. I have managed to lose over 3 stone in weight, as a family we now cook fresh meals that are tasty and save us money. We have fun in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes & trying new things. This journey has not been without challenges, so how have I done it?

To start with, I decided to widen my palate. I would ask someone else to order me food off a menu and with every mouthful I would look to recognise the different flavours, textures & appearance. What was it that I liked or didn’t like?
I started building up a supply of spices and herbs. I plan with my family the meals in advance. I take photos – that way I have a record of each meal we have. I look at the health benefits of ingredients & recognise how this affects my energy levels and mood. I appreciate everyone is different and your journey may be different from mine but what I would suggest is you take a look at your eating habits and identify what you want to change and how you want to improve your health? Start off small and build on it. So for example if you eat 4 take away meals a week, reduce it to 3 and so on.
Only the weekend, I decided to buy an artichoke, they look pretty but I didn’t have a first clue what to do with it? This week we are going to cook something fantastic with it and I am excited to find out how it will turn out.

I am a regular working mom with a husband, 3 kids & a dog and if I can do it then I know you can too. I am currently working on a cook book called ‘Advance Your Taste Buds’, if you have healthy tasty meals you would like to share then let us know. We will trial it out and the best ones will be added in to our cook book. So what are you waiting for……

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