Entertaining Kids on a Budget

You can have fun with you family without having to spend lots of money for entertainment, there are many of you that may be struggling financially and have kids, so finding entertainment for good value is easier said than done.

But there are ways to keep you kids entertained without spending money! (I know, how can this be possible, it defies all logic on this topic, right? Well, it doesn’t, because if it did, well, then, this blog wouldn’t exist…)

Heck, believe it or not, even libraries are a good place to take them! Finding children’s books and reading them with you kids is a good way to be entertained without coughing up cash!  

You can do simple things if you have much younger children such as drawing and/or painting pictures (really, no matter how old you get, you never get tired of doing that!), doing simple jigsaw puzzles, watching kids TV together. Heck, if the weather’s good, go ahead and take them and yourself for a walk, maybe even make a stop down at the local park to play with them.

If you have older kids, well, look into asking the local council about any fun activities they may run that you can do together such as sporting events or fun events in the name of charity. Something as simple as these ideas can keep them entertained no doubt!

Anyway, hope this has been of some help to those of you who have read this, and hopefully, for those of you who struggle financially, when you finances do eventually pick up, you can still do these ideas that have been suggested to continue saving up money for the future! (Hey, even the kids must know the parents have to eat too you know…)


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