Being Creative….

Being Creative, now that does sound like a lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Well, being creative is fun, but it does come with hard work (I know, hard work and fun sound like an odd couple, but in this instance… work with me here readers…). See, you need to be hardworking in order to be as creative as possible, because you need to be very well motivated. If you are motivated enough, well then, goodness gracious, great balls of fire! (Jerry Lee Lewis reference for you there) Nothing is impossible to achieve if you are hardworking and well motivated.

But being creative can also require having your own little quirks, such as daydreaming (just don’t do in the work place as the boss becomes an unhappy camper…), some creative minds can come up with their best ideas without even proper planning, just by simply letting their minds drift away

Also, be as least boring as possible, take up something to shake up your routine in a positive way, such as taking up learning a new language, playing an instrument, writing poetry, amongst other things.

And as one final tip, have alone time for yourself, believe it or not, being by yourself (such as in your bedroom) can help be more creative rather than listening to your best mate go on and on about how much he or she was drunk the other night (because if you listen to that for much longer I swear on everything that is decent, you will want to get drunk yourself…)

So what are you waiting for? Go and get a pen & paper and start writing poetry or stand up comedy material or a script for a theater play, go and draw or paint a picture, learn a new language, create a funny YouTube video for the world to see, whatever! Go out and be creative! Good Luck!

Nicky Priest  Social Media Co-ordinator


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