Balancing home-life with your work-life

Where do you flamin’ well start, it doesn’t matter, you can start anywhere really because it’s all beyond not being easy…

I mean, look at the dilemmas you’d be facing in this position, there are benefits to work-life if you’re working, it doesn’t matter if you working part-time or full-time, there are many positives such as making money (stating the obvious there aren’t I…), being part of a place (your work environment) that makes you feel like you contributing something and being a part of the machine that makes everything there work, and even building up a social life through the people you meet at work.

But of course, the perils of work come to mind. There are a fair amount of negatives feeling you can take away from work-life such as the work itself becoming too much/overwhelming, not being for your partner and/or kids, not having some time for yourself, and of course, not able to enjoy a social life because you don’t have the ruddy energy thanks to work or work has kept you busy and has wrapped it’s own ball and chain to your ankle. Someone beat me up…

What I can suggest here ladies and gents, is a few suggestions of how to balance both your home-life with your work-life, even these small suggestions can make all the difference in the world, never forget that! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make one night a special night for you – if you’re by yourself, maybe something like playing video games or drinking a well-deserved cup of tea, or if you’re a parent (single or with a partner, doesn’t matter) or with a partner, something like a movie night would be a good way to spend the evening.
  • Get yourself relaxed when you come in from work – nothing is worse than coming in from work stressed out, especially if you have a partner and/or kids, as they pick up on your mood and it sets off a very negative vibe mmaann (oh yes, getting my hippie on here), so the best thing to do would be to take 10 minutes for yourself to have a shower and change out of your work clothes, because if you come across as relaxed, they’ll all pick up on it and be relaxed themselves, which ultimately is a very good thing.
  • Enjoy the routine when it comes to bedtime – whether you’re by yourself and it comes down to having a nice relaxing bath or shower before snuggling up into bed or you with kids and it comes to having eaten and become relaxed and having that culminated with reading them a bedtime story, make sure you enjoy your routine when it comes to going to bed after the day is done, it puts you in a more positive mood when trying to go to sleep!


That’s a few suggestions, I’m sure there’s plenty more where those came from, but keeping in mind, balancing home-life with work-life may be hard but is not impossible. Hey if it was, we’d all be stressed out of our eyeballs…

Nicky Priest    Social Media Co-ordinator



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