Appreciating Family at Christmas Time Blog

Now I will I admit I can be a grumpy so & so at Christmas, bah, humbug!

But even I cannot deny there are certain aspects of Christmas that are enjoyable, even for grumpies like me. One thing in particular that stands out to me more than any and is something I really look forward to at Christmas; the family getting together.

Yes, there is nothing I love more about the festive season, that getting together with the family on Christmas day. Why? Well, because, my family is a very busy family as it is, we’re the type of people that have our own lives and we go off and do our own things, we also are quite a big family, lords knows how many cousins I have…

So what I will say is this: the one thing you should really appreciate at Christmas is family, and never fail to show them how much you mean to them. Never take family for granted!

Even if it means fighting over the last drumstick from the turkey at the dinner table… HEY, IT’S MINE!!!

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