Showing Love Blog

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Showing love is a human quality that I like to think still exists in all of us, and can be a very powerful and positive one too. Some people like to hear words, others like to see actions/gestures, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a close friend, a family member, a…

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Mushroom Soup

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Ingredients Mushrooms Vegetable stock Salt Pepper Olive oil 2 cloves of Garlic 2 chopped Onions Method Chop Mushrooms and Onions Add Olive oil in to a pan and fry off mushrooms and onions Crush garlic cloves and add to pan Add Vegetable stock once the mushrooms and onions have softened.…

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Stress Blog

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Oh boy, Stress, well, where do you start indeed…?  Well, anywhere, because anything can bring it on… Now, now, no need to panic about whether stress counts as being an illness or not, because it is NOT, and I will repeat that… THAT… Stress is not an illness, now take…

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Leftover Pie


Ingredients Left Over uncooked Vegetables Strips of shortcrust pastry Milk Method Add the left over uncooked vegetables in to a loaf tin Pour Gravy over the vegetables Place over strips of shortcrust pastry in a Lattice pattern. Brush over pastry with milk Place in the oven at 180 degrees for…

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Pickled Onions


Ingredients Pickling onions Malt vinegar Peppercorns Method Peel onions & place in a sterile jar Add vinegar & peppercorns   These pickled onions are so easy to make and they are great to have with Cheese & Biscuits or a salad. Especially after all the indulgence of Christmas.They make excellent…

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Mince Pies


Ingredients Shortcrust Pastry Sheet 3 Satsuma’s 1 Lemon Vanilla Essence Icing Sugar 250g of Dried Fruit Mix 50g of Flaked Almonds Method Add the dried fruit mix, flaked almonds in to a bowl Add the zest & juice from the satsuma’s & lemon. Add 3 Tblsp of Water Cover bowl…

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