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Marie’s Evolution: The road to Advance your Wellbeing

Hi, I’m Marie Jenkins. In February 2015, I founded Advance Events Ltd and what an exciting whirlwind of a first year in business it was. However, it had not come about without challenges. When you make the decision to develop a business from nothing, accepting those obstacles and seeing how you rise above them is reflected in the longevity of any business. That’s why in February 2016 we decided to re-brand. This was the birth of Advance your Wellbeing. We hope you like it!

The primary rationale for the change was to recognise the whole focus and aim of the business. This was to improve staff’s wellbeing within the Social Housing Sector.

Following a career in Social Housing, I suffered from poor mental health as a direct result of not taking responsibility for my own wellbeing. I was massively overweight and I saw my mental health spiral to the depths where I considered taking my own life. Health and wellbeing of the nation is a massive concern, with obesity levels ever-increasing but I want to inspire hope. I want to show that if I can transform my life, by starting a new business that was completely alien to me, by losing weight and regaining a positive mindset, then everyone is capable of doing the same. Believe me!

Prior to Housing,  I developed a passion for customer excellence, whilst working in Hospitality. I recognised that if the customer is enthusiastic about you and your service, it is easy to see personal benefits due to the improvement of your wellbeing.

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Marie at her Annual Conference. Always clowning around

I started my career in the care industry and recognised the value of people from every walk of life who embrace individuality.

I work with many different personalities within the Social Housing sector, to develop wellbeing strategies, or to improve their current approach. This change can come through consultancy, training workshops, corporate events or wellbeing walks. These approaches introduce the concept of mindfulness. We also launched our first E-Learning bitesize course on emotional intelligence at the end of summer 2016. This is a topic that goes hand in hand with having positive mental health.

I believe that given the right determined mindset, and a resilient personality you can achieve your ambitions. Who said the skies the limit?

I am a married mother of 3 who embraces life and all opportunities. I am a keen cyclist and love to hit the off-road trails. I love to travel whether being home or abroad and I am passionate about our VW Transporter.

I believe that “All ambitions are achievable, once you remove your own barriers to success!”.

Having left school with low academic results, I am passionate about the importance of learning & education. I have taken the decision to return to education and I started University in September 2016. You’re never too old to learn! We also work with the local Universities to offer internships to provide positive opportunities. We currently have a number of students that are currently working with us on special projects and hope to recruit more in the future. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Universities for their continued support.

As well as completing my Entrepreneurship Degree, I also succeeded in attaining my GOLD Worcester Award (Employability award, including volunteering and paid work) while giving back to the University by being a StAR (Student Academic Representative).

In 2015 I managed to lose a huge amount of weight, going from a size 20/22 to a healthy size 12. So what was next for me in my bid to face my fears and challenge my mindset? I undertook the challenge of cycling from Glasgow to Inverness in 2017, which then lead to another mammoth feat in 2018 – making a journey on bike from Hall to Morecambe.

Another great byproduct of challenging myself was the good that I was able to do for the less fortunate. I chose to put sponsorship money from these events primarily into the hands of the Prince’s Trust – A foundation that helps teens and young adults to receive the necessary training and education and is very close to my heart. Not only this, but I am also an avid supporter of the Extra Care charitable foundation, who are responsible for providing affordable housing and care alternatives for the elderly. I love this cause so much that I volunteer there whenever I can. Both of these charities do fantastic work.

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